Aviation Warning Lights

Quill or Capture Electrical offers medium intensity aviation lights for installation. hire, and sale. Our clear and red lights are compliant with all Australian Aviation Standards and can be used on all aviation applications.

The Features of our Aviation Lights Include:

  • No need for maintenance or replacement
  • Low power consumption
  • Strong durable diecast body
  • Parallel redundant power supply
  • Compliance with CASA specifications

For a very long time, incandescent light bulbs were the go-to when it came to aviation warning lights. However, these lights tend to be very ineffective since they require constant maintenance and consume huge amounts of power. Quill or Capture has developed an LED based aviation warning light that uses significantly less power and does not require as much maintenance.

Our medium intensity lights are the best in the industry and will give you a working life of a minimum of a million hours. While it is designed to require little if any maintenance, if there is any malfunction, the bulbs come with audio visual alarms that will inform you that the bulbs require maintenance.

Our LED medium intensity light bulbs are good not only for aviation warning lights but also for broadcasting towers, communication towers, tower cranes, and high buildings.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has given Quill or Capture Electrical its seal of approval making it one of the few approved supplies of obstacle lighting in Australia.


aviation light diagram

  • Intensity:                     > 6000cd
  • Illumination:               Uniform 360 degrees
  • Dimensions:              Height 520mm / Width 256mm
  • Colour:                        Red and clear
  • LED life:                     1 million hours
  • Lenses:                      Imported lenses for greater visibility
  • Flashing:                    20– 60fpm (adjustable)
  • Operation voltage:    20-60V DC lights powered by a 240V supply
  • Power consumption: < 17 Watts
  • Vertical angle:           3 degrees
  • Photocell:                   Auto on/Off
  • Weather rating:         IP– 65
  • Cover:                         UV stabilised polycarbonate dome
  • Body:                          Aluminium Alloy
  • Weight:                      7kg
  • Warranty:                   2 years

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