Quillor Capture Electrical Technologies and Services is one of the oldest and most respected companies that was first established in 1999. Over the years, we have come to be one of the biggest crane service organizations in the country. We are involved in many aspects of the provision of service and plant repair all across Australia. We have grown our footprint in the country and Quillor Capture Electrical now has offices and operations in Canberra, Brisbane, and Sydney among many other states.

Our company has fully trained mechanics and electricians who have the skills and experience to service and maintain all kinds of cranes and machinery. Many of our staff particularly those in our high voltage division have dogman, crane driving and rigging experience.

We have built a name for ourselves in Australia and are known in the crane industry for having the best professionals and repair equipment. As such, we can repair and maintain a lot of the models of cranes that many service companies will not or cannot repair. It is our expertise and experience that has made it possible for Quillor Capture Electrical to get into complex niche markets and provide excellent service.

Our newest product LED aviation lighting: we are an innovative company and we always have new products to help serve our customers better. Our newest product is the LED aviation lighting which has been certified compliant with CASA standards. Our medium intensity aviation lights have an expected life time of a million hours.

We Promise

  • Immediate response services provided 24/7 throughout the year
  • Non-committal friendly advice.
  • Highly trained, expert dedicated staff.
  • We provide our services all across Australia.
  • We source and provide access to rare parts of all types.
  • Commitment to providing a healthy and safe environment for all personnel working in plant and construction sites.
  • We represent some of Australia‚Äôs leading brands including LSI and SMIE.